A free VAT Compliant Group Bookings Service

Voyya.com offers a seamless end to end FREE group booking service, guaranteeing VAT compliant invoices to ensure that you receive your rightful VAT refunds.


where we add value

Bridging the gap between VAT and travel

Save 25% on travel spend

best group rates

We are experts in negotiating the best group rates, saving you time and money

absolutely free

Our seamless end to end service ensures that we take care of the details so you don’t have to, for free

24/7 support

Our expert VAT support team ensures that all your invoices are VAT compliant

maximum vat refunds

VAT compliant invoices are loaded directly onto the partner platform, with corresponding booking data so you don’t lose out on refunds

Lets get started!

Talk to one of our Group Travel Experts, we do all the hard work and find you the best deals.

We make group bookings easy

Our expert travel consultants not only source the best group rates and offer 24/7 service but are also supported by an expert VAT team who guarantee your hotel invoices are VAT compliant.

The problem

Hotel Group bookings are a major component of companies travel budget and VAT refunds of up to 25% on group bookings form significant earnings and savings.

Companies don’t always receive their VAT earnings back from the Tax Authorities.

The major reason relates to non-compliant VAT invoices, especially when it comes to group bookings. So why are so few group booking invoices VAT compliant?

  1. Required VAT invoice formats are stringent for hotel invoices and vary from country to country.
  2. Group bookings are complex so companies generally outsource them to travel agent and these Travel agents are not VAT experts so the probability of ensuring VAT compliant invoices is extremely low.

When that time of the year arrives to process VAT refunds, companies and their VAT service providers are frantically phoning hotels to amend and reissue non -compliant group invoices with a success rate of way below 50%.

This results in extra work, extra stress and diminished VAT earnings.

The solution

Voyya.com has extensive networks within the EU through multiple partnerships with Hotels, VAT service providers, Accounting Firms and Expense Management companies.

This network ensures that the team has access to the best hotel group booking rates, group hospitality services and the latest VAT updates.

We integrate directly with VAT service providers globally so that VAT compliant invoices for Group Bookings are seamlessly transmitted through to your internal VAT processing team.

For your company, this means:

  • Free group booking service
  • All the little details taken care of by a professional team - for FREE
  • The World's Largest Hotel selection and the best group rates
  • 24/7 Support Before, During, and After the Trip
  • VAT compliant invoices; and
  • up to 100% VAT back on hotel group bookings
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